Special Focus: Midwife Toads, Canyons Months: January-December Area: Mallorca
  • Overview

In Mallorca there are a series of day hikes that can equal the best day hikes anywhere in the world ! Dry Canyons ( maybe wet feet), Moutain tops and technical ridges, all available with a beach swim and a shandy at the end of a long day. In the high canyons, away from snake predators lives the unique Midwife Toad in isolated pools. Adventure and stunning scenery with few tourists. You will get a workout but it will be worth it!  Watch Video of the Boguer Ridge.


Sample Itineraries below :

1. Cavall Bernat Ridge, Boquer Valley, Mallorca.  A technical scramble along a sea cliff ridge edge.  Visit a huge hole in the cliff – the Devil’s Punch Bowl. You will need a head for heights ! 4 – 6 hours round trip.

2. Mortix Canyon and The Witches Cave Ampitheatre.  A long day out in the wilds of Mallorca,  An easy technical canyon (we need to use a short rope in several places), Midwife Toads and Vultures.  Great sea cliff views and a swim off a tiny rocky inlet to visit the Witches Cave Ampitheatre – a huge overhanging rock cave rising out of the sea.  (100m swim close to the edge of the rocks).  And a long hike back to the car. 7- 8.5 hours.

3. Peak Tomir.   A walk along the old road to Lluc monastery, up through pretty oak woods until the steep incline up the northface of Tomi 1103m. Fantastic safe and exposed walking until the top where we get marvelous views of island.  The descent route is wild and ends in a near vertical thick grass bank ( compeltely safe ) until we reach the car.  6 – 7 hours.

4. Pic de n’Ali. A great short but steep hike up to the rocky pateau crag of Pic de n’Ali 1038m. amazing sharp knife edge rocks with vultures overhead, few tourists if any and the most incredible view from the rocky top.  Pine Martin and the indigenous wild cat – The Genet – live here. It is unlikey we see them but evidence of them will sure be there. 4-6 hours.